Wednesday, March 11, 2009


one thing at a time
how happy we could have been

feeding this demanding child
keeping him safe and well

work issues when i'm at work
the ports of a server

it is a little bit at a time
that person and how to help them
the moment i am living in right now

all the opportunities to improve that are lost

how much my feet hurt

how there are probably way more qualified people than me

what i have lost

how sad it's going to be for all those people expecting

the sheer amount of angst

how much worse it must be for their family

the same thing over and over

the days of striving
new york
the dog

how hard life would be in that situation

those teeth latching onto you
the feel of light grey smoke filling my lungs as i deeply inhale
telling the story the best way i can

working harder and dreaming bigger
your lips

my songs

getting naked

enjoying the time i have left


"I can only think about"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


You have no more worries?

What is gonna happen to the illegals?

I feel no more Amerikkkan
the black man will get more respect
I know he will represent
can we be proud to be American again?

What kind of change do you want to see?

I feel like we have found a cure for cancer and for an awful blight upon the human race
Celebs now want to live better lives
NBC is safe for Black people
We don't need a black history month

This is even harder to recognize
anything is possible!

people are feeling more optimistic about the future
this activity is not restricted to “wacky” religious
the rules no longer apply
some people don't want to pay their bills

traveling will probably be a little easier
I can bring toothpaste on an airplane
The world will love the United States
we'll be accepted for who we are

I couldn’t be more worried about the very real and existential threat of anti-Christ
we should be above it

the show is over, right?
We'll be accepted for who we are
can we declare 'Mission accomplished'?

why do people speaking out against him hate America?
There's no manna that will fall from heaven.


"now that obama is president"

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


one-dimensional -- it's just bang, bang, bang
created/molded/ owned by whatever label gives them their first big advance

very uptight and taking themselves too seriously
forcing out absolute crap material at too high a rate for anything really good to come out

hyped too soon
making the same type of sound
trying to look extra pretty, or extra dangerous and tough
wrapped up in their own shit

negative nowadays
devoid of real content

wasting their time
being promoted
prepared to jump through hoops like performing monkeys
literally shoved down a fan's throat

stuck in a guitars only mindset, which I find kind of sad
trying to prove their ‘true metal’ credentials, when there’s no need to prove anything
pulled to the dark side of money and fame

too dark and mys-terious
too worried about sounding ‘commercial'
straying from what should be called hardcore and yet it is still being called hardcore

following trends in this genre and trying to imitate one another
sitting around waiting for the World to discover their music
using booking agents and managers

out there without professional Austin musician photographs
too worried about staying true to the underground
still stuck trying to copy old bands

dominated by the lead talker (and there is no way Big G, for example, is going to let the musicians go national)

appearing in the market with the supposed Indie label
poorer versions of what’s already in the charts or what people have heard before
becoming mainstream (and giving "Ska" the wrong name[!])

going out of their way trying to be overly original
Peter Pans
playing genuinely interesting (although not always unique) music
doing what you're doing


"too many bands are"

Monday, November 24, 2008


just getting started
a little bit country

a no show
blogging for ESPN

not dead
just a fuckin' clown

a mad man
a young Mark Twain, James Joyce, and Jean-Paul Sartre
coming to charlotte

uninhibited about using a variety of vocal tricks
an atrocious guitar palyer
the music of champions

good and all but now a fad
the best rapper alive
"lil' wayne is"

Thursday, October 9, 2008


turn us into anti-social sex maniacs
uniform in capability or quality of service

on a magic carpet ride to liberty

eliminate the conflict of interests
the same in the next millennium

be disconnected
replace in-person learning

save newspapers,consume print
cope with the increasing amounts of video and user-generated content
merely make our existing forms of commerce more efficient

leading to the social and political revolution so widely predicted
a space where advertisers set the moral standard


"the internet will not"
(with minor editing [from now on])

Saturday, June 21, 2008


to waste
like the present

to kill between the cradle and the grave

to explain
for backup

to prepare
to lose

to love dr. jones
like island time

to catch your breath

to teach

to lose
like yesterday

left to wonder 'what if'
for tears

like now to save
for love

to waste for astronauts on a space station

"there's no time"

Monday, June 2, 2008


never known a government made up of such hearts of stone

watched the last two or three games
found the right answer
the ideal clients

been afraid that if I choose art as a major, that I will fail, I will have wasted my money on a major/degree

never loved someone in my life because I always put logic in front of feelings
acne on my nose

found a new way to get someone's password
a sense that we do important work every day
a lifetime of experience that I will bring to the White House

found the difference between an SUV and a Minivan
the ability and the obligation to help others to see how all that is true for themselves and to be able to make it real
psychosis (rational thought and perception severely impaired) as i have lack of insight to my own condition

brought a lot of what I learned in television into my writing
the ability to make software that will improve people's lives
woken up but i haven't

recently caught the thread of what it is that I should rely on to make a good image
to be tested and run through the paces
finally found the one that fits my needs the best
a clogged milk duct

the advantage of experience
something on my computer that has been uploaded via storage device
an STD but my doctor says i don't and that it is only in my mind
become more rabid than I was before - if possible!

some random things to say
to explain what the performance is about
the firewalls configured correctly

had a binge eating disorder since I was in high school
supported those industries and will continue
to profit about this situation

focused on socializing a lot in college
just lost my mind
the ability to be a life-long learner
been having kidney pain

grown up a little bit more emotionally and spiritually
become more selfish in my old age

nothing to complain about really
been through a lot, I think of you


"i think that i have"